About us

La Clave Fest is the uk's largest free Latin festival. We specialise in showcasing the best UK-born,bred and based Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese (Latin) talent, as well as exciting international artists.

In the 6 weeks leading up to the day of the festival, we take artists and exceptional people into schools to inspire young people with their stories and to impart their knowledge, skills and passion about their culture and heritage. This culminates in a day of fantastic music and dance in one of London's most stunning locations.



Every year we invite musicians, bands, dancers and artists to participate in The LUKAS Awards,  where the public and expert judges vote for their favourite latin artists of the year. This is how we discover wonderful new artists every year. The original idea of La Clave Fest was to take the Amazing talent that we discover each year to the wider public.



La Clave is a Latin festival run by Latinos, showcasing Latin culture in all its breadth and depth; the variety, the diversity, the fusion of genres and ethnicities. OUr audience can expect a classically trained Tango orchestra followed By urban latin sounds of equally high quality.



LA CLAVE DOES: Showcase authentic, diverse, quality expressions of Latin music and dance.

LA CLAVE DOESN’T: present clichéd, low-quality, diluted forms of Latin artistic genres (as you might see on strictly )

LA CLAVE  DOES: Use a criteria based on our experience and understanding of our cultures to judge their quality: OUR public and our expert judges select the artists

LA CLAVE DOESN'T: Allow pundits who don’t understand our culture, to tell us what is cool and what isn’t cool.

LA CLAVE DOES: present these genres to the public within their cultural contexts, allowing their glory and quality to shine

LA CLAVE DOESN'T: place our genres out of context, or lump them with other so-called ‘World’ music, divorced from their roots, diluting their meaning and value.

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Supporting young hoMegrown talent


wE support UK-residing,born and/or bred Latin artists and provide a platform for the homegrown creativity bursting out of Britain’s UK-Latin 2nd and 3rd generations.


each year we select five uk urban latin acts to perform in the 'urban latin showcase' 




we are Latinolife - the UK’s leading Latin media and events. For 20 years, we have been producing unique and wide-reaching latin events and media. 

We publish Latinolife  magazine, online (www.latinolife.co.uk) and in print (www.issuu.com/latinolife) and send a weekly newsletter to 62k subscribers. sign up here if you'd like to receive it. 

We also produce the Urban Latin music magazine www.reggaeton.co.uk and podcasts and films.

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Finsbury Park station (victoria piccadilly)

manor house station (piccadilly)


Finsbury Park station

(thames link &great northern)

buses  4 - 19 - 29 - 106 - 153

- 210 - 236 - 253 - 254 - 259

- N19 - N29 - N253 - N279 -

W3 - W7 29 - 141 -   279 - 341



Let us kow if you want to participate or have any doubts about any of the events taking place by emailing amaranta@latinolife.co.uk