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We are passionate about diffusing Latin culture in all its diversity. Part of that means showcasing our amazing artists to people who might never choose to go to A Latin event, and it’s also the reason why we send inspiring Latinos into schools to perform and teach  children about our cultures and arts.

as part of the festival, we organize a schools Futsal mini-Copa America (latin america's euros) where up to 15 schools put forward teams, each representing a Latin American country.  during the matches, Every time the Latin music played in the background, a goal would count for 2! The Mexican and Colombian embassies sponsored two teams by donating football shirts and the Colombian ambassador even visited one of the schools to give an assembly.

“The children from Ashmount Primary had a great time at La Clave’s Futsal Copa America. The atmosphere and organization of the day were excellent. A huge thanks to Amaranta for the all the work she put in, in making the event so enjoyable and successful.” Salman Ali, Head of PE Ashmount Primary

we sent Fadi, one of the UK’s leading salsa teachers, into another local school to teach the children the wonders of Salsa dancing for six weeks. At the end of this they were rewarded with a trip to see the Latin musical ‘In the Heights’ written by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

In 2017  we  senT one of the UK’s leading Tango teachers, into Coleridge primary school for 6 weeks to teach children the art of tango.


“Raquel Greenberg came to teach six Tango sessions for children in Years 4, 5 and 6. Raquel was brilliant with the children and they really enjoyed the opportunity to learn Tango and then perform it…” Rebecca Godfrey, head of dance, Coleridge Primary

Marco Santana, the charismatic batucada leader behind Tribo, spent 6 weeks in rokesly primary school to nurture a samba group who perfromed on the day.

and finally royal ballet dancer fernando montaño gave an assembply to 200 primary school children and recounted his amazing story of how he came from buena aventura, one of colombia's most poverty stricken areas and most affected by violence, to become a principal dancer at the royal ballet.the highlight  was when fernando taught a group of children a special dance choreography based on the moves of footballers, which they performed on the day of the festival.

fernando said: "it was wonderful to see so many children, their parents and friends enjoying a taste of Latin culture and dance on a Saturday afternoon in London, especially in these challenging times. I had seen the children rehearse at their school and knew how enthusiastic they were but it made me very happy to see how their faces lit up when they watched me perform close up. I think they were able to understand why we have to train so hard. They also had a lot of fun when they joined me to dance. I hope that maybe some them may want to start lessons and become a dancer of the future!”

In 2018, las hermanas Garcia, two teenage bolero sensations from mexico, performed at another school and mesmerised the children with their beautiful ballads. on discovering that the school spanish teacher, ms. damian, came from the same town in guerrero as them, the girls dedicated a song to her, because 'being far from home can feel lonely'


after wiping away her tears,  ms damian said:

“I’ve been teaching in the school for many years and it was the first time my pupils saw any music from the region in Mexico I come from. I feel the children saw me in a different light afterwards, that I was not just foreign, that they could put me in a context of beauty and art. The girls were like superstars to them, an this shine rubbed off on me a little.”

have a peep at the performance below and If you would like your schools to participate. Email amaranta@latinolife.co.uk


This is the Map of the festival by venue and activity, download it, print it and bring it as your guide to all the events


Let us kow if you want to participate or have any doubts about any of the events taking place by emailing amaranta@latinolife.co.uk

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